Our Philosophy

Bradley Graphics Values

Our Core Values

Our Core Values


We Are… Trustworthy

  •  Do the right thing
  •  Know when to say “No”
  •  Stay true to your word

We Are…  Industrious

  • Work Smart, Work Hard
  • Have a “Can do” Attitude
  • Go the extra mile

We Are…  Determined Problem Solvers

  •  Always offer a Solution to the Problem
  • TRY! – It’s OK to fail
  • The answer is “Yes”; what is your question?

We will…  Encourage Cooperation

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated
  • Have each other’s back
  • Be a Team Player

We will… Safeguard our Reputation

  • Our father would be proud of our Reputation
  • It’s the thing that makes us different
  • It’s worth fighting for!